Geotextiles form one of the two largest group of geosynthetics. Their rise in growth during the past fifteen years has been nothing short of awesome. They are indeed textiles in the traditional sense, but consist of synthetic fibers rather than natural ones such as cotton, wool, or silk. Thus biodegradation is not a problem. These synthetic fibers are made into a flexible, porous fabric by standard weaving machinery or are matted together in a random, or nonwoven, manner. Some are also knit. The major point is that they are porous to water flow across their manufactured plane and alos within their plane, but to a widely varying degree. There are they at least 80 specific applications area that have been developed; however, the fabric always performs at least one of five discrete functions :


  • Separation
  • Reinforcement
  • Filtration
  • Drainage
  • Moisture barrier (when impregnated)
The woven geotextiles have been installed all over the world. After extruding and slitting a polypropylene film, our certified manufacturing process weaves individual yarns into geo textiles featuring high tensile strengths at low elongations. All these qualities allow Climax Synthetics wovens to distribute loads, reduce rutting and provides a long life to the paved and unpaved roadways.

Major Applications

  1. Paved Roadways
  2. Sediment Control
  3. Filtration


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