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Geogrids represent a rapidly growing segment within the geosynthetics area. Rather than being a woven, nonwoven or knit textile (or even a textile-like) fabric, geogrids are plastics formed into a very open, gridlike configuration, i.e., they have large apertures. Geogrids are either stretched in one or two directions for improved physical properties or made on weaving machinery by unique methods. By themselves, there are at least 25 application areas, however, they function almost exclusively as reinforcement materials.
Applications of Geogrid
The geogrids that result from the process decribed above are relatively high-strength, high-modulus, low-creep-sensitive polymers with apertured varying from 0.5 to 4 in. (1 to 10 cm) in size. These holes are either elongated ellipses, near-sqares with rounded corners, squares or rectangles. Under some circumstances, separation may be a function, but usually it is not. Invariably, geogrids are involved in some form of reinforcement.
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