Hdpe Pipes & Fittings

HDPE Pipes - High Density Polyethylene Water Pipe Fittings
  HDPE Pipes - High Density Polyethylene Water Pipe Fittings
Climax brand High Density Polyethylene pipes replacing the conventional pipes like galvanised iron, cast iron, Asbestos, cement and PVC pipes. The transportation of water becomes more convenient and reliable. HDPE water pipe possess such qualities which have made them the best in comparision to the other pipes available in the market. They are extremely light in weight which makes it easy for transportation. Water can be easily transported even from a long distance as they are available in long lengths. The flow of the water is also very high due to loss of minimum friction from the pipe due to it, the water is not only available at a fast rate but the hygienic aspect of it is also very well maintained, by avoiding the accumulation of any kind of deposit.
Range : 20 mm OD to 500 mm OD
Pressure : 2.5 Kgf./cm2 to 16 Kgf./cm2
Material Grade : PE 63, PE 80 & PE 100
Standards : IS:4984:1995 & IS : 14333:1996
Products : HDPE Pipe And Pipe Fitting
Light weight Transportation of Potable Water
Low cost transport Transportation of Chemicals & Effluents
Easy to install Sewerage Pipes
Resistance to corrosive wastes Liquids & aggressive soils Agriculture Pipes
Low frictional resistance due to smoothness of bore Sand Stowing in Mines
Freedom from deposit accumulation or incrustation  
Frost resistance  
Low maintenance  
High safety record Long life time  
Technical Properties of HDPE Pipe & Pipe Fittings
  1. Certification of Analysis
  2. Technical Details for Portable HDPE Pipe (IS 4984)
  3. Technical Details for Sewarage HDPE Pipe (IS14333)