U.V. Stablized Films

UV film - UV (ultraviolet) film, uv stabilized films for green house, medicinal plants, tissue culture. UV stabilised fim manufacturer as per BIS 15827:2009 standared, Climax, India - Image
U.V.Stabilized Films plays an important role in the field of Agriculture. The weather conditions of our country are very uncertain, varying from place to place which is the biggest obstacle in the growth of quality crops. Climax UV Stabilized films balances both the aspects very well the quality and quantity of a crop. It believes in keeping pace with present time providing the best technology for production of the best quality of crops like fruits, flowers, vegetables, medicinal plants, tissue culture etc. UV Films also protects the plants by reducing the diseases and pests.
Range : 100 Microns (400 Gauge/ 0.1 mm) to 200 Microns (800 Gauge /0.2 mm)
Standards : BIS 15827:2009 / BIS 2508:1984
Products : UV Stabilized Film
Improves crop quality. Green House.
Prevents weed growth. Poly House.
Saves on fertilizers and pesticides. Low Tunnels.
Leads to better root development and a cleaner crop. Solar Drier.
Maintains soil moisture to reduce irrigation water. Nurseries.
Improves seed germination. Roof Top Gardens.
Technical Properties of UV Stabilized Film (click here)